Carron Water, Kincardineshire

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Mouth of the Carron Water at Stonehaven

Carron Water is a short river in Kincardineshire, which enters the sea in the county town, Stonehaven.

The Carron Water rises in Fetteresso Forest on the eastern edge of the Grampian Mountains. It flows past Fetteresso Castle and discharges into the North Sea at Stonehaven Bay. The Carron Water separates the Old Town from Stonehaven's new town; the latter is just over two hundred years of age and laid out in grid-iron fashion.

Somewhat to the north of the rivermouth is Garron Point, the headland marking the north end of Stonehaven Bay, whilst Bellman's Head, the south end of the bay is to the south and Downie Point within the bay curbs the rivermouth itself.

Stonehaven's other river, at the north end of town, is the Cowie Water.