Carnedd Dafydd

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Carnedd Dafydd
Carnedd Dafydd.jpg
Carnedd Dafydd from the ridge towards Pen yr Ole Wen
Range: Snowdonia
Summit: 3,425 feet SH662630
53°8’50"N, 4°0’7"W

Carnedd Dafydd is a mountain peak in the Carneddau range of Snowdonia, in Caernarfonshire, and is the third highest peak in the county, or the fourth if Crib y Ddysgl on the Snowdon ridge is counted.

Situated south-west of Carnedd Llewelyn and north of Pen yr Ole Wen, Carnedd Dafydd is on the main ridge of the Carneddau.

Name of the mountain

The name "Carnedd Dafydd" means as Dafydd's (or David's) cairn, a name akin to that of its neighbouring peak, Carnedd Llewelyn (Llywelyn's cairn). The local belief is that these peaks are named after Llywelyn the Last, the last native prince of Wales, and his younger brother, Dafydd ap Gruffudd. A nearby peak, Carnedd Uchaf, has been renamed in the same theme as Carnedd Gwenllian in memory of Llywelyn's daughter, Gwenllian.


Carnedd Dafydd rises to height of 3,425 feet and is usually climbed by first ascending Pen yr Ole Wen and then following the ridge along to Carnedd Dafydd, though it is also possible to make a direct ascent from Tal y Llyn Ogwen, first following the stream, Afon Lloer, to the mountain lake of Ffynnon Lloer then climbing up the slope to the summit.

Like most of the summits in the southern Carneddau, it has a flat, boulder-strewn summit plateau. Immediately to the north lie the crags of Ysgolion Duon, well-known to climbers.

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