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Out Skerries

The bridge that links Bruray to Housay
Location: 60°25’37"N, 0°44’49"W
Grid reference: HU689720
Area: 136 acres
Highest point: 174 feet
Population: 26

Bruray is one of the two inhabited islands of the Out Skerries of Shetland. It contains Scotland's most easterly settlement and its smallest school.

Bruray is separated from Housay by North Mouth and South Mouth and linked to Housay by a bridge, the Skerries Bridge. The Skerries Bridge was built in 1957 to provide a fixed link between the islands.

The island occasionally suffers from water shortages. There is little peat on the Out Skerries, so the residents have been granted rights to cut in on Whalsay.[1]

A ferry connects the Out Skerries with Vidlin and Lerwick on Mainland, as well as flights from Tingwall.


At the autumn 2010, the islands of Housay and Bruray (600 acres) were on sale for £250,000. "The main islands are held under crofting tenure. The Crofting community have been offered the opportunity to register their interest in acquiring the property but have formally declined from doing so."[2]

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