Broughton, Glenholm and Kilbucho

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Broughton, Glenholm and Kilbucho is a parish in Peeblesshire adjacent to the border with Lanarkshire. The total population in 2011 was 623.

It was formed in 1794 when the Presbytery of Biggar united the congregations of Broughton, Glenholm and Kilbucho. A new church was built at Calzeat in 1803. The civil parish also includes that part of the ancient parish of Culter that lies in Peeblesshire. According to Chambers's history of Peeblesshire (1864), the parish had always incorporated that area, but it was annexed to Culter for census, registration, church, and school purposes.

Broughton is the northernmost of the three ancient parishes, with Kilbucho in the centre and Glenholm to the south.


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