Brandon Hill

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Brandon Hill
County Kilkenny
Brandon Hill from the north-west
Summit: 1,690 feet S697402
52°30’35"N, 6°58’27"W

Brandon Hill is the highest hill in County Kilkenny, rising to 1,690 feet. It is found seven miles east of Thomastown, in the south of County Kilkenny, in the Barony of Gowran. The village of Graiguenamanagh is at the base of the hill.

It is the termination of the chain of granite mountains that raise from the shores of Dublin bay. The base of Brandon Hill on the side of the River Barrow and the hill running to Graigue is composed of schist rock. This blackish siliceous schistus, sometimes containing grains of quartz and when it is broken it has a shivery texture and is hard enough to scratch glass.[1] There are a few beds of marble and limestone gravel near the foot of the mountain.[2]

Brandon Hill from the River Barrow in Graiguenamanagh


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