Bosigran Castle

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Bosigran Castle


National Trust

Cliffs at Bosigran Castle - - 1110229.jpg
Cliffs at Bosigran Castle
Grid reference: SW418365

Bosigran Castle is an Iron Age site on a small headland on the north coast of Cornwall within the parish of Zennor, in an almost deserted part of the coast, cliff-bound sand punished by the wind.

The "castle" is a simple cliff castle or promontory port consisting of a prominent granite outcrop with steep cliffs forming some of the sides. The hand of nature has sculpted the more formidable of its defences but the hand of man has closed the remaining approach, as a wall was built across the promontory between the cliffs. There are no traces of any defensive ditches nor hut circles nor indeed any evidence of occupation within the enclosure.

The wall is around 100 yards, its construction and the size of the wall vary along its length, suggesting alterations in later ages. The wall stands up to 4 feet hight and up to 12 feet thick, constructed in part of single stones algned and in places more carefully constructed dry-stone wall infilled with rubble.

The cliff castle at Gurnard's Head is within sight to the east. The cliffs that defend this headland/cliff castle are now popular with rock climbers.

The castle is an ancient monument and it and the surrounding coast are owned by the National Trust.

The South West Coast Path runs past.