Bells Linn

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Bells Burn
Northumberland, Roxburghshire
Bells Linn, Northumberland and Roxburghshire - geograph-4152977.jpg
Bells Linn
River: Bells Burn
Co-ordinates: 55°14’49"N, 2°36’42"W

Bells Linn is a tiny waterfall in the Kielder Forest at the edge of the Cheviots. It is on the Bells Burn, a small stream and a tributary of the Kielder Burn, which here marks the border of Northumberland to the south-east and Roxburghshire to the north-west. The fall is just a few hundred yards upstream of the point where the Bells Burn enters the Kielder Burn, the main headwater of the River North Tyne.

It is at this waterfall that the county border turns and heads north-westwards and over the fells. The Kielder Forest extends south of the falls.

Just upstream of Bells Linn is Spout Linn, and half a mile further upstream is Anthon’s Linn; Linn being an Old English word for a torrent or waterfall.

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