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The domes housing some of the optical telescopes of the Bayfordbury Observatory

Bayfordbury, Hertfordshire is the location of the University of Hertfordshire's biology/geography field station and observatory. The site is also home to the Science Learning Centre for the East of England, which runs training courses for teachers and technicians in science learning for early years, primary and secondary. Also located here is a large stately home, now privately owned. The estate is approximately 124 acres on the south side of the B158.

Astronomical Observatory

The university has numerous telescopes situated at the site, including the 500 mm Marsh reflector (named after a former Director of the observatory), a 4.5 m radio telescope named after the previous curator of the site, Robert Forrest, a radio interferometer consisting of three 3 m radio telescopes, and four equatorially-mounted 16" Meade LX200 telescopes equipped with research-grade CCD cameras, spectrographs and video capabilities.

Sir Patrick Moore was on hand to open a new control building, named after him, from where the computer-controlled telescopes can be operated. The Observatory featured in the BBC documentary, In Orbit How Satellites Rule Our World, first screened on the 25th March 2012.

Public Visits

A planetarium show

The university organises a variety of public outreach events including monthly open evenings (typically from September till March) and group visits for school classes and community groups. All are welcome at these events as there are activities for children, adults and disabled access to some of the telescope and to the Science Learning Centre, which houses the planetarium.

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