Alconbury Weston

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Alconbury Weston
Village Green Alconbury Weston - - 1045994.jpg
Village Green, Alconbury Weston
Grid reference: TL179768
Location: 52°22’38"N, 0°16’8"W
Post town: Huntingdon
Postcode: PE28
Local Government
Council: Huntingdonshire

Alconbury Weston is a village in Huntingdonshire standing a little to the northwest of Alconbury. It is just above where the fenland starts, with a few low hills, which are a significant change to the relentless flatness of the Fens.

The Alconbury Brook runs through the village then through Alconbury and on into Hinchingbrooke Park. The brook floods occasionally during winter months, and can cause residents to be blocked from travelling by car and have to walk to get out of the village. (Assuming they got their warning in time and moved their vehicles, outside of the flooding area.) Conversely, the brook can become almost dry in the summer in certain areas.

The brook is home to a number of water fowl such as mallards and swans and also to wrens. The stream is also well stocked with small fish such as roach and also larger predatory fish such as pike. A local tale states that the biggest fish caught by a local man was a pike and weighed 11 lb.

The village has one pub, there is also a farm shop. The village's butcher's shop, Post Office and master saddler's have all come to shut down in recent years.

The village is blessed with a number of footpaths used by walkers and ramblers and bridleways for riders.

The village has not church of its own but is served by St Peter's & St Paul's in Alconbury. It looks to Alconbury also for its school.

Alconbury Weston is within the "Tri-Base Area" which includes RAF Alconbury, RAF Molesworth and RAF Upwood; all are in the county of Huntingdon.

Looking downstream on Alconbury Brook
Flood Water Culvert

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