York Cold War Bunker

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York Cold War Bunker

West Riding

York Cold War Bunker.jpg
The Cold War Bunker in York
Type: Military bunker
Grid reference: SE58055155
Location: 53°57’24"N, 1°7’1"W
City: York
Address: Monument Close, York
Built 1961
Military bunker
Owned by: English Heritage
Website: York Cold War Bunker

The York Bunker, now known as the York Cold War Bunker, is a two-storey semi-subterranean bunker in the Holgate area of York. It was built in 1961[1] during the Cold War to monitor nuclear explosions and fallout in Yorkshire in the event of nuclear war. It stands in the western growths of the city, within the crowded urban landscape.

The York Bunker was one of about thirty built around the United Kingdom. It was used throughout its operational existence as the regional headquarters and control centre for the Royal Observer Corps's No. 20 Group YORK between 1961 and 1991.

During its Cold War operational period the building could have supported 60 local volunteer members of the Royal Observer Corps inclusive of a ten-man United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation scientific warning team. They would have collated details of nuclear bombs exploded within the UK and tracked radioactive fallout across the Yorkshire region, warning the public of its approach. This example of an ROC control building is the only one that is preserved in its operational condition. The others stand derelict or have either been demolished or sold. A few have been converted to other uses like No. 16 Group Shrewsbury that is now a veterinary clinic, another is a recording studio, two are satellite and communications control centres and one is a solicitor's file storage facility.

Today the bunker is an English Heritage site opened to visitors, and oddly a scheduled ancient monument, if 1961 can be considered ancient.[2] and was opened in 2006 by English Heritage as a tourist attraction.

The fully restored building contains air filtration and generating plant, kitchen and canteen, dormitories, radio and landline communication equipment and specialist 1980s computers and a fully equipped operations room with vertical illuminated perspex maps.

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