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Wikishire is a freely editable wiki. We do ask that before you set forth to add and edit information, please familiarise yourself with Wikishire's policies.

Editing existing articles

To edit an article which already exists, click on the 'Edit' tab at the top of the screen and begin editing. If the page does not exist then you can add it by typing the page name in the box below:

Beginning a new article

Before adding an article, please check whether it is here already, with the "Search" box on the left hand side of this page.

After clicking the 'Create Article' button, you will be re-directed to a page with some instructions for adding your article.

There are two main ways to start a new article:

  • If you "Search" for an article and it is not found, Wikishire will invite you to create it; click on the words "create this article" and begin.
  • If an existing article has a "redlink" (where it tries to link to another article which does not yet exist, so the link appears red), then click on the redlink and the editing screen for your new article will appear.

Specific guides for certain types of article


Editing generally

In general, just type text into the edit screen, and always leave a line space between paragraphs.


Level 1 headings are done with two equals-signs either side of the name, level 2 headings with 3 and so forth. These will automatically generate an index at the top left of the article after the introductory paragraph, if any.

Bold and italic text

Bold text is done by adding 3 apostrophes each side of the text ('''Kent''' becomes Kent)

Italic text is done by adding 2 apostrophes each side of the text (''Kent'' becomes Kent)

Bold italic text is done by adding 5 apostrophes each side of the text ('''''Kent''''' becomes Kent)

Links between articles

A link from one article to another is done by placing [[ ]] around the name of the linked article, for example:

'''Little Wilbraham''' is a small village in [[Cambridgeshire]].

- produces:

Little Wilbraham is a small village in Cambridgeshire.

Outside links

To link to an outside website (usually done in references or lists), add a single set of square brackets ([ ]) around the web address (include the http://) and its name or description (leaving a space after the web address).

Templates and Infoboxes

Various Templates are used within Wikishire, which are marked {{name}}. These are more advanced and it may take a while to become familiar with the commonly used templates.

Infoboxes, such as those appearing on the top right of county and town articles, are a form of Template. Guidance may be available separately for each type of infobox: see #Specific guides for certain types of article above.


If an article is marked as a "stub" but your edits make it into a substantial article, please remove the code "<nowik>{{</nowiki>stub}}"

Other help

For other hints, see MediaWiki Help pages