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of Steeton Hall Gateway

Steeton Hall Gateway is a 15th century gatehouse and all that remains of a grand hall which once stood here, about a mile and half south of South Milford in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

The gateway ia a listed ancient monument and is today in the care of English Heritage.

The hall which the gateway originally served was demolished later and replaced by a house, which has since been converted into several dwellings. The gateway is one of four such structures which marked the corners of the estate. It has two arched passages, the large one in the centre to allow riders and carriages through and the smaller one to the left for those on foot.

There are a spiral staircase which leads into a large room above the arch and a number of shields and coats of arms surrounding the structure.

Steeton Hall Gateway has been described as a "fair and stately structure in the brave days of old".[1]

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