River Findhorn

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The Findhorn just east of Tomatin

The River Findhorn is one of the longest rivers in the Highlands, rising amongst the high mountains and flowing down to the Moray Firth at Findhorn in Morayshire. The Findhorn enters the sea through a broad, sheltered estuary.

The river provides excellent salmon and trout fishing and is popular with anglers from across the globe. It is also a classic white water kayaking rivers (varying from grade 2 to 4) and draws canoeists from across the country.

Its name is Gaelic is Uisge Èireann.


The River Findhorn has its source in the Monadhliath Mountains of Inverness-shire. From here it flows down, north-eastwards, crossing into Nairnshire towards the coastal plain, and finally into Morayshire and the town on Findhorn, where its waters fill a large natural harbour before opening into the sea.


(from source to mouth)

Towns and villages on the river

(from source to mouth)