Middleton-in-Teesdale Bridge

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Middleton Bridge
County Durham, Yorkshire
Middleton Tees Bridge.jpg
Middleton Bridge
Crossing: River Tees
Grid reference: NY946252
Location: 54°37’21"N, 2°5’3"W

Middleton Bridge, also known as County Bridge crosses the River Tees in a single arched stone span between Middleton-in-Teesdale in County Durham on the north side and the open countryside which lies on the south bank in the North Riding of Yorkshire. It carries the B6277, and is the last road bridge, running upstream, on the whole of the River Tees.

This is a late Victorian bridge, built od dressed sandstone. It replaced an earlier bridge of about 1800 which collapsed in 1881 while yet uncompleted, resulting in the death of a man and his wife. It is a Grade II* listed structure.[1]

The bridge was strengthened in 1983-84, traffic being diverted over a temporary Bailey bridge meanwhile. The bridge is located south of the town on the B6277 road further along which once stood the railway station, at a few hundred yards distance from Middleton


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