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The Levern Water beneath the viaduct near Barrhead

The Levern Water is a small river in Renfrewshire, running through much of the depth of the county and ultimately becoming a tributary of the White Cart Water.

The Levern has its source in Long Loch at the edge of the county, on the border with Ayrshire, whence it flows through a series of dammed lochs and then south-eastwards. It passing the village of Neilston and then to Barrhead.

During the Industrial Revolution, the Levern Water provided power to mills, facilitating the industrialisation and transformation of villages in its valley, as cotton mills sprang up and the houses for their workers.

In time, below Barrhead, the river enters the conurbation accreted around the City of Glasgow. Here the Levern Water runs parallel with Barrhead Road to Pollok where it is joined by the Brock Burn close to Silverburn Shopping Centre. The river then flows past Crookston Castle towards its termination at the confluence with White Cart Water in Rosshall Park.

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