Grange, Banffshire

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Grange Parish Kirk - - 997520.jpg
Grange Parish Church
Location: 57°32’52"N, 2°49’38"W
Population: 723  (1991)
Post town: Keith
Postcode: AB55
Dialling code: 01542
Local Government
Council: Moray

Grange is a parish in Banffshire, adjacent to the border with Aberdeenshire. It dates back to a royal charter granting the lands to the abbots and monks of Kinloss in 1196. Although there is no village so named, it still retains its distinct community character with its own parish church and primary school. The only concentrated collection of dwellings is the small hamlet of Knock near its eastern border that is nestled beneath the hill of the same name that, though no higher than 1,400 ft, dominates both it and the all the agrarian haughs that extend from the Grampians to the coastal plains. The total area is 15,048 acres. From north to south it stretches for six miles and from east to west it spans five miles, making it almost square. The population in 1991 was 723, a slight increase from the previous census after gradual decline.

The word 'Grange' is a middle-age or low Latin derivative of "grangia", a word meaning farm or country.

One of the oldest domestic buildings in the north-east of Scotland is in Grange. It is called Mains of Edingight and was built in 1559.

In 1996 the community celebrated its 800 years and a book was commissioned to document its history, written by Andrew Smith.

Famous residents

  • James Ferguson, an astronomer and inventor, was born at a place called Core of Mayen.
  • James Sinclair, born here and later became a teacher, politician and businessman in North Vancouver.[1] Also maternal grandfather of Justin Trudeau, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.[2]


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