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Eddrachillis Bay, between Eddrachillis and Assynt

Eddrachillis is a parish on the Atlantic coast of Sutherland. The two sea lochs of Inchard and Chadh Fi divide the parish into three districts, although overall it is an almost wholly trackless wilderness. There are only three classified roads in the entire 144,000 acres, most of which are single-track roads: The A838, which enters the parish from Lairg at Loch Merkland and meets the A894 at Laxford Bridge before leaving the parish at Gualin House; The A894 which proceeds southwards towards Assynt; and the B801 which branches off the A838 towards the port at Kinlochbervie, the most northerly port on the west coast of Great Britain.

Other populated places in the parish include Achfary, Achriesgill, Badcall, Balchrick, Kinloch, Kylestrome, Rhiconich, Scourie and Sheigra. The total population in 2011 was 688.

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