Clumlie Broch

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Clumlie Broch


Clumlie, north of Boddam - - 3459021 cropped.jpg
Clumlie Broch, behind a field wall
Type: Broch
Grid reference: HU40451811
Location: 59°56’46"N, 1°16’40"W
Built Iron Age

Clumlie Broch is an Iron Age broch standing on the Mainland of Shetland.

The broch is to be found on Dunrossness, on the southern part of the island, about five miles north of Sumburgh Airport.[1] It stands on a low rise on flat arable ground.[2] The broch is at the centre of an abandoned croft,[1] which encroaches upon the ruins.[2]


The broch has an external diameter of 70 feet and an internal diameter of about 26 feet.[2] Much of the western side of the site is hidden by a stone dyke, but the entrance passage and a guard cell are visible.[2] The walls currently stand around six feet high.[1]


Clumlie Broch was partially excavated by Gilbert Goudie in 1887, who also restored part of the walling.[2] Goudie discovered a stone cist two and a half feet above the floor of the broch and concluded that the broch had been used for burials after it had fallen into disuse.[2] Finds included stone implements, quern stones, whetstones, spindle whorls, and hammer stones.[2] There were also many pottery fragments and animal bones, shells, as well as a fragment of a painted Roman bowl.[2]

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