Burra Ness Broch

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Burra Ness Broch


Burra Ness Broch - geograph.org.uk - 629860.jpg
Burra Ness Broch
Type: Broch
Grid reference: HU55729572
Location: 60°38’27"N, 0°58’59"W
Built Iron Age

Burra Ness Broch is an Iron Age broch located on the east coast of the island of Yell, Shetland.[1]

The broch is to be found a mile and a half south of the small village of Gutcher on the tip of the headland of Burra Ness.[2] It can be reached by a path south from the settlement of North Sandwick.[2]


The broch has an external diameter of about 60 feet.[3] The outer wall is around 15 feet thick, and stands over 13 feet high on the east side.[2] Two hundred years ago the broch is reported to have been 20 feet high, and the beginning of a bell-shaped profile was clearly visible.[3] Internally a "scarcement" ledge to support an upper floor is visible some 13 feet above the ground.[2] There are signs of an upper intramural gallery, and there are traces of intramural "guard cell" on the southeast side but no remains of the entrance can be seen.[3] There are traces of outbuildings towards the north, south and southeast, and slight indications of surrounding ramparts.[3]

The ruins of a later farm can be seen about 100 yards to the south.[3]

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