Yes Tor

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Yes Tor
High Willhays.jpg
Yes Tor beyond High Willhays
Range: Dartmoor
Summit: 2,031 feet SX580901
50°41’35"N, 4°-0’43"W

Yes Tor is the second highest point on Dartmoor, Devon, at 2,031 feet above sea level. Together with nearby High Willhays they are the only two peaks above 2,000 feet south of the Peak District.

It was once widely believed, except by local farmers, that Yes Tor was higher than its neighbour, and it is the more impressive hill visually. However High Willhays overtops Yes Tor.

Yes Tor lies within an Army firing range, the Okehampton Range, and safe access is only possible on days or nights when firing is not taking place. Dartmoor Firing Notices are published by the Army.[1]