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Welcome to Wikishire’s protection policy.

Types of protection

  • Full protection (symbolised by an orange padlock or link) allows editing only by administrators.
  • Semi-protection (symbolised by a silver padlock) allows editing only by users who are 4 days old and have made at least 10 edits.
  • Move protection (symbolised by a green padlock) allows moving only by administrators and does not protect the page from editing. Pages which are protected only from moving are very rare. There is also semi-move protection which allows only autoconfirmed users to move the page.
  • Upload protection (symbolised by a purple padlock) allows only administrators to upload the file. Like move protection, it does not affect who can edit pages.
  • Create protection (symbolised by a light blue padlock) can be applied to pages which are repeatedly recreated and re-deleted. It can also be applied to non-existent pages too.
    • Full create protection allows only administrators to create the page.
    • Semi-create protection allows only autoconfirmed users to create the page.

In rare circumstances the staff will protect pages using an office action (symbolised by a black padlock). This is also known as super-protection. Super-protection allows only staff to edit the page.