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Thanks for the comments. It is a constant battle against the spammers. We started out with about six active members growing to over 3000 mostly spammers. Gradually the active members grew weary and it was more or less left to me. I was out of action for about six months and it was carnage!

They really went to town. I was moving to a new host and took the opportunity to upgrade to a newer version of media wiki. Unfortunately my old version was not compatible with the much newer version - disaster! I still have the old data but a couple of us got together and decided to take a new approach and concentrating on one area.

So we plod on - still it has generated some interest with a few more active members. We decided to include some google adsense to help offset hosting costs but it is only a trickle. (If you are passing :) --Welshpedia 07:16, 6 July 2011 (UTC)