Tosson Hill

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Tosson Hill
Simonside Crag, on the eastern slopes
Range: Simonside Hills
Summit: 1,444 feet NZ005982
55°16’41"N, 1°59’37"W

Tosson Hill is the highest hill in the Simonside Hills to the south of Rothbury in Northumberland. The summit stands about a mile west of Simonside, the best known summit of the Simonside Hills.

The Simonside Forest, owned by the Forestry Commission, ends about half a mile east of the summit of Tosson Hill. There is public access over the rest of the Simonside Hills in the forest, and the summit of Tosson Hill has now been made "access land".

The sandstone crags at Ravensheugh on the northern side of Tosson Hill offer a variety of short rock climbing routes. They are usual less busy than crags within the Simonside Forest.