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[edit] [{{#invoke:Purge|main}}] Template documentation

{{Wmap}} adds a link from a latitude and longitude:

  • to the Interactive county map, if the location is in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland; or
  • to GoogleMaps if the location is elsewhere.

The parameters are:

  1. latitude
  2. longitude

The link to the interactive county map will work if the article is tagged with the {{#var:shire}} variable (which is added automatically by any infobox, or if the {{county}} template is used to tag it). If the article has no infobox and is not county-tagged, the link will go to GoogleMaps, even if the location is in the British Isles.

Optional parameters are:

  • "zoom=level" sets the zoom level.
  • "base=layer" sets the map base layer.
  • "name=label" creates a pop-up cloud label.