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Webify templates are not used on their own, but a suitable one may be used within another template which creates the URL for a weblink out of a name.

A website with multiple articles might create a webpage on, for example, East Lothian with a URL containing East_Lothian (apparently the most common usage). It might though use /eastlothian or /east-lothian. Choosing the right 'Webify' template can make the appropriate transformation:

  • {{Webify}} would produce 'East_Lothian'
  • {{Webify 0}} would produce 'eastlothian'
  • {{Webify 2}} would produce 'east-lothian'
    • {{Webify 2b}} would also produce 'east-lothian', but also change "Dunbar (East Lothian)" to 'dunbar-east-lothian'
  • {{Webify 3}} would produce 'East-Lothian'
    • {{Webify 3b}} would also produce 'East-Lothian', but also change "Dunbar (East Lothian)" to 'Dunbar--East-Lothian-'
  • {{Webify 4}} would produce 'east_lothian', and also eliminates brackets
  • {{Webify 5}} is a simpler transformation, and would produce 'East+Lothian', without changing any accented letter: it is mainly for query strings

Others may be added to this list.

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