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Infobox townland
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Location: {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}
Island: [[{{{island}}}]]
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Template:Infobox townland is for any article about a townland, whether in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. It is expected that such articles will be short as anything substantial would usually be found in a town or village article.

This Infobox is based on {{Infobox town}} and its fields are consistent with that Infobox, so if Wikishire contains an article about a particular place named as a village but in fact that place named is not a village but just a townland, then it can be adjusted simply by adding four letters at the top, changing Infobox town" into Infobox townland".

If a townland contains and shares its name with a village, see Village and townland below.

Fields (blank template)

{{Infobox town
| name=
| gaelic=
| irish=
| scots=
| county=
| barony=
| island=
| picture=
| picture caption=
| os grid ref=
| latitude=
| longitude=
| population=
| census year=
| post town=
| postcode=
| LG district=
| constituency=

Completing the fields

All of the fields above are optional apart from "county=". For general guidance see Guide to town and village articles. For specific key fields:

Name, county etc:

  • name - The name of the town as it will appear at the head of the box. It can be left out if the article has the same name but it is usually filled in.
  • irish, gaelic, scots - the name in the appropriate language, if it is appropriate to the particular village to have another language's version, for example for a Gaelic-speaking village (or one which was Gaelic speaking in recent history).
  • county - The county within which the townland lies.
  • barony - The barony within which the townland lies.
  • island - Do not use this field if the island on which the town is found is Great Britain or Ireland as the "county" field deals with that.


  • picture - The file name of a picture on Commons, without the "File:" element.

Location fields

For these fields we recommend finding the place on Irish Grid Reference Finder, which will give you the grid reference and the latitude and longitude for use in the Infobox:

    • os grid ref - do not put spaces in the grid ref. It will create a link directly to Ordnance Survey.
    • latitiude and longitude - use a decimal number (as Streetmap provide). The programme will convert it to degrees, minutes and seconds. In due course this may be linked to a map also.
    • postcode - just the first half of a postcode should do.

Village and townland

If the townland is also a village, or the townland's main village shares the name of the townland, it is not appropriate to use this Infobox. Instead, use "{{Infobox town}}", and in that Infobox, use the optional "townland" field:


- will categorise the place also in "Townlands of [county]".


Example 1: Ballywindelland Lower

Ballywindelland Lower
County Antrim
Location: 55°5’36"N, 6°35’39"W
Grid reference: [ C89792819]