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Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks. Oft him anhaga are gebideð, metudes miltse, þeah þe he modcearig geond lagulade longe sceolde hreran mid hondum hrimcealde sæ, wadan wræclastas. Wyrd bið ful aræd! Swa cwæð eardstapa, earfeþa gemyndig, wraþra wælsleahta, winemæga hryre: "Oft ic sceolde ana uhtna gehwylce mine ceare cwiþan. Nis nu cwicra nan þe ic him modsefan minne durre sweotule asecgan. Ic to soþe wat þæt biþ in eorle indryhten þeaw, þæt he his ferðlocan fæste binde, healde his hordcofan, hycge swa he wille.


Template:Cquote is a template meant for centred "pull quotes", the visually distinctive text that is already present in the same article.

  • One might recommend it:
  • Pull quotes work best when used with short sentences, and at the start or end of a section, as a hint of the section's content.
  • For shorter pull quotes of 50 words or fewer in a similar style, consider using Template:Rquote, which sets the quote off to either the right or left as in a magazine sidebar.


  1. {{cquote|quote text}}
  2. {{cquote|quote text|author=author or speaker}}
  3. {{cquote|quote text|author=author or speaker|source=title of article, speech, book, etc.}}


Parameter 1
text of the quote; use <br /> between paragraphs.
Note: if the quote text contains one or more "=" (equal signs), then the template must be called as {{centered pull quote|1=quote text}} (see "Equals sign in parameter value")
Name of the person that wrote or spoke the text being quoted. Can include wiki syntax.
Source of the quote (publication title, speech, etc.). Can include wiki syntax.
The color of the background.
When set to "yes", the quote expands to the entire width of the page. Useful for small quotes, but may clash with other floating objects, such as infoboxes.

Simple example

{{cquote|quote text}}
Be not afeared: the isle is full of noises

Sourced example

cquote|Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
|author=Albert Einstein
|source=in a letter to his son<ref>Walter Isaacson, ''Einstein: His Life and Universe'' (2007), p. 367.</ref>
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

—Albert Einstein, in a letter to his son[1]

  1. Walter Isaacson, Einstein: His Life and Universe (2007), p. 367.

Other examples

{{cquote|1=F=ma|author=Isaac Newton}}

(the 1= is necessary as quote text contains an equal sign)


—Isaac Newton

:E=mc<sup>2</sup>|author=Albert Einstein}}

—Albert Einstein