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("Wikimedia Commons" has material
about Commonscat)
Wikishire has four identical templates for inserting a link to Wikimedia's Commons file library:
  • {{commons}}
  • {{commonscat}}
  • {{commons category}}
  • {{commons category-inline}}

We have all four simply to make it easier to copy material from Wikipedia, which uses all of these.

It places a box on the page like this:

("Wikimedia Commons" has material
about [Article name])


Commons is the file library from which Wikishire takes all of its pictures (as do many other wikis). Commons is owned by Wikimedia and is entirely unconnected with Wikishire. We have no control over its structure, but we rely on it to illustrate articles.

Commons and contains many treasures which languish unnoticed and unappreciated, which can be used to illustrate a Wikishire article, and so a Commons link is a useful thing to have.

Using the template


The template inserts a link to a Category on Commons. In format it has three fields;

{{commons|field 1|field 2}}
  • field 1 is the name of the Category on Commons
  • field 2 is the label to appear in the box (in the place of “[Article name]” in the example above)

Simple use

If the category has the same name as the article in which the link is inserted, you do not need either field; you need only type:


Field 1 (category name)

If however the category has a different name on Commons, for example [[Category:Perth, Scotland (our article is plain Perth), or if you simply want to link to a different category, then you must add the target Commons category name as field 1:

{{commons|Perth, Scotland}}
("Wikimedia Commons" has material
about Perth)

The categories in Commons often have unfortunate names but the template maintains our integrity by displaying our article name in the box.

Field 2 (label)

If the box is to be labelled otherwise than with the article name, then both field 1 and field 2 must be given, for example:

{{commons|Menai Suspension Bridge|Menai Suspension Bridge}}
("Wikimedia Commons" has material
about Menai Suspension Bridge)

Positioning and appearance

The template places a box with a Commons link on the right-hand side of the page. There is no fixed position to put the Commons box, but if there is an "Outside links" section heading, it is usual to put it at the top of that section. It is a matter of style.

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