Symvoulos River

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The Symvoulos River (in Greek Συμβουλος) is a river of Cyprus. It rises in the hills in the south of the island near a village named Pano Kivides, and flows due south. Two rivers join it to swell the river just north of the border, and so the enlarged Symvoulos enters the Western Sovereign Base Area of the Akrotiri and Dhekelia territory.

The river carves a gorge; to its west is the hill named Kyparissovounos (and the highest point in the territory on that hill). Its course remains southward.

South of the border, just after flowing under the A6 motorway, the Symvoulos River enters a vast reservoir, the Symvoulos Reservoir, formed by the damming of the valley. The Episkopi Dam, north of Episkopi Cantonment, was completed in 1991 to supply water to the Western Sovereign Base Area.

The stream leaving the reservoir runs southwestwards, to the west of Episcopi, to enter the Mediterranean Sea in a bay south of Paramali (34°39’48"N, 32°48’38"E)