Sumburgh Roost

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Littlle Tind off Sumburgh Head

The Sumburgh Roost is an unforgiving tidal race which forms in the gap between Mainland, Shetland and Fair Isle. South of Sumburgh Head two tidal streams meet with dramatic results.

'Da Roost' as it is known in the Shetland dialect, appears as a thin silver band of small breaking waves south of Sumburgh Head, this band indicating where the streams have met and are fighting against each other.

The churning of the waters provides an abundance of fish here, and in pursuit of the fish come dolphins and whales, which ensures that Sumburgh Head has become a popular viewing point for whales and dolphins.

Sumburgh Head may be named after the Roost; the Norse name Dunrøstar høfdi means "The Thunderous Noise Head".

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