Slieve Commedagh

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Slieve Commedagh
County Down
Slieve Commedagh - geograph - 1136954.jpg
Slieve Commedagh from the south
Range: Mourne Mountains
Summit: 2,516 feet J346286
54°11’20"N, 5°56’19"W

Slieve Commedagh is a mountain in County Down. It rises to 2,516 feet and is the highest of the Mourne Mountains after Slieve Donard, which makes it also the second-highest mountain in County Down and in all of Northern Ireland.

The name of the mountain is from the Gaelic Sliabh Coimhéideach, meaning "mountain of guarding (or watching)"

Slieve Commedagh stands to the north-west of Slieve Donard, and the two are linked by a col. At the summit of the mountain is a small one-room tower which is part of the Mourne Wall. The wall passes over the summit of the mountain.

The Slieve Commedagh massif also includes the peaks of Slievecorragh (to the east), Shan Slieve, Slievenamaddy and Slievenabrock (to the north).