Sidown Hill

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Sidown Hill
Trig point, Watership Down - - 305480.jpg
Watership Down across to Sidown Hill
Range: Hampshire Downs
Summit: 873 feet SU444573
51°18’52"N, 1°21’41"W

Sidown Hill is a hill of 837 feet in the north of Hampshire, amongst the Hampshire Downs.

At the summit is a mid-18th century Grade II listed building known as Heaven's Gate which is hidden by the trees covering the top of the hill.[1]

The hill is on the watershed of the Hampshire Basin.[2] To the east is Beacon Hill (856 feet).

On 5 May 1945 a United States Army Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress of 326th Bombardment Squadron crashed on Sidown Hill with the loss of six of its crew of seven.[3]


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