Selborne Hill

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Selborne Hill
Looking Down the Zig-Zag Walk, Selborne Hanger. - - 179853.jpg
View of Zig-Zag Walk from Selborne Hanger.
Range: Hampshire Downs
Summit: 692 feet SU736331
51°5’33"N, 0°56’59"W

Selborne Hill is a hill in Hampshire, amongst the Hampshire Downs, and within those hills it is of the sub-group known as the East Hampshire Hangers, a line of prominent hills on the eastern scarp slope of the Downs. The hill climbs to 692 feet above sea level.

The hill stands by the village of Selborne on the edge of the Hampshire Downs. At the top is Selborne Common, an area of woodland and relict wood-pasture. Its summit and steep escarpment are covered by woods, with Selborne Hanger to the northeast dropping abruptly to the fields above Selborne. The Zig-Zag Path runs down the spur towards the east. This is the area where the world famous naturalist and pioneer of birdwatching, Rev. Gilbert White, wrote his celebrated Natural History of Selborne.[1]