Sawel Mountain

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Sawel Mountain
County Londonderry, Tyrone
Sawel mountain.jpg
Sawel Mountain
Range: Sperrins
Summit: 2,224 feet H618973
54°49’14"N, 7°2’16"W

Sawel Mountain is a mountain of 2,224 feet in the Sperrins. It stands on the border of the counties of Londonderry and Tyrone, its summit marking on the boundary line. Sawel is the highest point in both counties.

The mountain is composed of crystalline limestone.[1][2] Around the peak, there is heathland with plant life including heather, bilberries and cowberries, although this is being damaged by hillwalking and grazing.

Sawel is the source of the River Faughan, a 29-mile long tributary of the River Foyle.[3]