Rowley's Hill

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Rowley's Hill
Rowley's Hill Obelisk.jpg
The obelisk on the NE top of Rowley's Hill
Summit: 164 feet TL426497
52°7’38"N, 0°4’54"E

Rowley's Hill is a hill in Cambridgeshire, near the villages of Harston and Newton. Although of only moderate height (164 feet), it has a relatively large prominence due to it being surrounded on all sides by a 'moat' of much lower land. It therefore stands separate from the other hills in the region and has a distinctive appearance.

The hill has a north east top, St Margaret's Mount (52°8’10"N, 0°6’20"E), on top of which is an obelisk. It is a memorial to Gregory Wale, of Little Shelford, of the eighteenth century.