River Ore, Fife

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Bridge on the River Ore by Glencraig

The River Ore flows through Fife, ultimately becoming a tributary of one of the county's principal rivers, the River Leven.

The Ore begins it journey just within Fife, close by the border of Kinross-shire, in the waters of Loch Ore, a loch fed by the Kelty Burn (which marks the Kinross-shire border) and my numerous streams off Benarty Hill to the north.

Escaping the loch, the river flows eastwards, through Crosshill, then between Auchterderran and Cardenden, thence broadening south of Glenrothes, to Thornton. It nearly makes it to the sea, but is swallowed by the River Leven at Windygates (56°11’26"N, 3°4’18"W).

The Ore below the loch