River Lossie

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The Lossie by Dallas, Morayshire

The River Lossie is a river in Morayshire, rising in the mountains and flowing 31 miles to the Moray Firth at Lossiemouth.

The river was known to Roman geographers: Ptolemy (c.90 – c.168), the Greco / Roman geographer, marked its mouth as ost. Loxa Fl ('mouth of the River Loxa'). In Gaelic it is known as Uisge Losaidh.

The river rises in the hills above Dallas in Morayshire, at 1,310 feet above sea-level. From here it runs down through the county to the coastal plain.

By the time the river reaches the county town, Elgin its rate of flow, in normal conditions, is best described as very slow. The gradient between Elgin and Lossiemouth is almost imperceptible with a total fall of just 15 feet.

Town and villages on the Lossie

Towns and villages on the course of the River Lossie include, from south to north:

Coordinates: 57°43′N 3°16′W / 57.717°N 3.267°W / 57.717; -3.267