River Bogie

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The Water of Bogie at Huntly

The River Bogie, also known as the Water of Bogie, is a river in western Aberdeenshire, rising in the mountains and is one of the two main tributaries of the River Deveron. The Bogie is noted for its brown trout fishing.

The Bogie is formed by the joining of the Craig and Corchinan burns near the parish of Auchindoir and Kearn. From here, the River Bogie flows northeast for about 11 miles, forming a valley known as Strathbogie. It flows down to Rhynie and Huntly, and immediately below that town it joins the River Deveron.

During the 19th century, the Bogie provided the linen bleachfields of Huntly, then a major textile centre, with water.

'Bogieside', the area along the banks of the river, is often referred to in local literature and folksongs, such as Adieu tae Bogieside[1] and Bogie's Bonnie Belle.[2]

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