River Allen, Cornwall

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Not to be confused with River Allen, Truro
River Allen at Trewen Bridge

The River Allen is a river of northern Cornwall, which becomes a triburary of the River Camel.

It is one of two rivers of the same name in the county. In this case the name comes from the Cornish language: Dowr Lehen means 'slate river'. It is said that the name ‘Allen’ is the result of a mistake made in 1888 by Ordnance Survey, replacing the name Layne with Allen which is actually the old name for the lower reaches of the Camel.[1] The other River Allen runs through Truro.

The northern River Allen is a major tributary of the River Camel. It springs northeast of Camelford and flows south-southwest through the Allen Valley passing St Teath and St Kew Highway to join the Camel near Sladesbridge.[2]

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