Raddon Top

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Raddon Top
Raddon Top from Cadbury Castle
Range: Raddon Hills
Summit: 771 feet SS895033
50°49’7"N, 3°34’9"W

Raddon Top is the highest point of the Raddon Hills, a small ridge of hills in the Shobrooke area of Devon, whose summit is at some 771 feet above sea level.[1] It is thus a significant feature in the surrounding countryside.[2]

There is an unclassified road that traverses the hill which is the main route from the village of Cheriton Fitzpaine to Exeter.

There were earthworks on the summit, but by the 16th century these had almost been ploughed away.[3] Archaeological excavations in 1994 revealed remains of an Early Iron Age palisaded enclosure and an Iron Age hillfort with timber ramparts. The same excavations also uncovered a much earlier Neolithic causewayed enclosure.[4]


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