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Penrose House
Penrose House - - 579307.jpg
Penrose House
Grid reference: SW64122577
Location: 50°5’6"N, 5°17’55"W
Village: Porthleven
Country house
Owned by: Jordan Adlard

Penrose is a house (in private ownership) and its sundered estate, the latter now owned by the National Trust, to the east of Porthleven in Cornwall.

The estate extends to 1,536 acres along the west side of The Loe and down to the coast on the English Channel. The Loe is a natural lake divided from the sea only by a narrow shingle barrier, the Loe Bar, and both the Loe and the Bar are within the estate. The estate was given into the ownership of the National Trust in 1974 by Lt. Cdr. J. P. Rogers, and stretches along the coast to Gunwalloe.[1] The estate was owned by the Penrose family for several hundred years before 1771 when it was bought for £11,000 by the Rogers family,[2] whose descendants still reside in Penrose House.

The house is a Grade II* listed building.[3]


'"Penrose'" means 'head of the moor' (or according to Craig Weatherhill 'end/head of a hillspur') in Cornish. This Penrose was formerly Penrose Methleigh (Penros Methle, 1367) i.e. 'end/head of a hillspur at Methleigh'.[4][5] The first documentation of an owner here – John de Penrose – was in 1281.[1]

There are seven other places named Penrose in Cornwall, in the parishes of Breage, Budock, Luxulyan, Sennen, St Breward (Penrose Burden), St Columb and St Ervan.[4][6]

Penrose House

Penrose House consists of an irregular square plan ranged around a small courtyard with 17th-century U-shaped plan front to the northwest. The 17th-century country house was constructed for the Penrose family, probably for John Penrose who died in 1679; remodelled and extended from c. 1788 for John Rogers and c. 1832 for the Reverend John Rogers; extended 1863 by William Webb for John Jope Rogers; remodelled 1867; buttery added 1868 and centre of the elevation towards Loe Pool rebuilt 1927–28.[3][7]

The Estate

Bath house and well head
The bath house and well head east of Penrose Manor

Bath house and well head east of Penrose Manor House

East of Penrose Manor House are a bath house and well head. The Tudor Gothic style Bath house was built in 1840 for John Rogers. The bath house contains a slate lined bath on the right and a rounded well head to the rear.[8]

Carpenter's shop

The carpenter's shop, situated 100 yards to the southwest of Penrose Manor House, was built pre-1833 for John Rogers.[9]

The Loe

The Loe, also known as Loe Pool, is the largest natural freshwater lake (at 120 acres) in Cornwall and now in the ownership of the National Trust. Lieutenant commander Rogers's gift to the National Trust was made in 1974; a condition of the gift was that the Loe be kept as a place of great beauty for people to enjoy without distraction. Boating, swimming and fishing are not allowed.


Penrose (or at least some land) was held by the Penrose family pre-1269. The estate grew as a result of various grants of land and inheritances some of which resulted from marriages linking the Penroses with other leading Cornish families including: St Aubyn, Tremayne, Methele, Erissey, Killigrew and Rashleigh. Between 1750 and 1770 Penrose was bought by Hugh Rogers. Hugh Rogers and his son the Reverend John Rogers carried out many of the major alterations and additions at Penrose.[3]

In 2019, Jordan Adlard Rogers proved he was the son of the previous owner, by a DNA test, and inherited the estate.[10]

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