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County Clare
Killaloe, County Clare with the Shannon in the foreground.jpg
Moylussa behind Killaloe, County Clare
Summit: 1,745 feet R64837593
52°50’1"N, 8°31’21"W

Moylussa is a mountain overlooking the River Shannon in County Clare. Its summit is at 1,745 feet above sea level: the highest point in the county and thus Clare's county top.

It is a boggy mountain, not a pleasant climb by all accounts, but popular for all that. A favoured route for the climb is to start at Killaloe, from where a path leads up through the forest. Another is to top the mountain after climbing Glenvagalliagh.

The East Clare Way climbs Moylussa and provides yet another route, from the Ballycuggaran Forest.

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