Milton Bridge

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Milton Bridge
Bellwood Road, Milton Bridge - - 1001860.jpg
Bellwood Road, Milton Bridge
Grid reference: NT24616220
Location: 55°50’50"N, 3°12’15"W
Local Government

Milton Bridge is a small village in Midlothian.[1] It is located two miles north of the town of Penicuik[2] on the Glencorse Burn and gets its name from the Bridge crossing.

In the 19th century, a number of local paper mills founded in the area caused the village to grow,[3] and later the British Army established the Glencorse Barracks, still in operation, as a depot for the Royal Scots. [4][5]

An experimental farm was set up near Milton Bridge in 1924 by the East Scotland College of Agriculture.[6] In 1947 the University of Edinburgh purchased additional farmland for agricultural training.[7]

The village has one primary school, Glencorse Primary and the nearby Beeslack High School. Another village, Auchendinny, lies to the south, and the two are separated by the Glencorse Golf Course.

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