Medwin Water

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The meeting of the North and South Medwin
The South Medwin

The Medwin Water is a river of Lanarkshire which is a tributary of the River Clyde. As a single river it is pretty short, but it is the union of two rivers, the North Medwin and the South Medwin, both of which rise by Lanarkshire's eastern border.

The North Medwin comes from the union of the Greenfield Burn, which rises on Crosswood Hill above Tarbrax, Lanarkshire, the Dry Burn and the Darby Burn, which have gathered themselves together below Easteryardhouse Hill. The North Mediwn flows south from there, absorbing the Westruther Burn and continuing southwest without meeting any village until it meets the South Medwin to create the Medwin Water.

The South Medwin rises in burns on the Bawdy Moss at the edge of Lanarkshire. It flows for some miles south along the border of Lanarkshire with Peeblesshire to Fermiehaugh near Garvald. From there the South Medwin turns and heads west creating a broad valley amongst the hills. The A721 passes over the river and below this point the river becomes a meandering river, until soon it meets the North Medwin and creates the Medwin Water.