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The Old North Water Bridge linking Logie Pert and Angus with Marykirk and Kincardineshire

Logie Pert is a parish in eastern Angus adjacent to the border with Kincardineshire. It is situated five miles north-west of Montrose and contains the villages of Craigo and Logie. This parish was formerly called Logie-Montrose, but upon the annexation to it of the parish of Pert about the year 1610 or 1615, it assumed its present name of Logie-Pert. The word Logie, so frequently used in Scotland, is of Gaelic origin, signifying a "flat or low situation" and is strikingly applicable to the old church of Logie, situated in a hollow or piece of low ground close by the North Esk river which here forms the county border. The name of Pert is very old, and of uncertain derivation.

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