Loch Mealt

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Loch Mealt with Beinn Edra behind

Loch Mealt is an inland fresh-water loch on the Isle of Skye in Inverness-shire. It lies close to Ellishadder and south of Staffin, on the eastern side of the Trotternish peninsula.

Mealt waterfall with Kilt Rock behind

This roughly square-shaped loch is about half a mile in length, lying close to the sea: its eastern side is at the spectacular 180-foot tall sea-cliffs of Kilt Rock, made of dolerite rock strata in many different colours.[1] The outflow of loch pours over the Kilt Rock in a dramatic waterfall.

Fish and fowl

A number of bird species thrive in this roadside loch. Its waters are favoured by diving ducks.[2]

In the waters of the loch is a population of Orkney charr (Salvelinus inframundus), a char species that could be vulnerable to extinction.[3] Since the impact of Canadian Arctic char the lake upon the native char population is unknown and the taxonomic identity of the char deemed as Salvelinus inframundus is lacking essential information.


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Loch Mealt