Loch Kishorn

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Loch Kishorn from near Sanachan

Loch Kishorn is a sea loch in Ross-shire. It is a northern branch of Loch Carron about a mile wide and 2½ miles long, and with a maximum recorded depth of about 200 ft. It is fed by the River Kishorn which flows from the north and enters through an estuary about a mile and a half long and half a mile wide. To the north and west of the loch is the Applecross peninsula; to the east is a headland that separates it from upper Loch Carron. The mouth of the loch is marked by the Garra Islands, the largest of which is Kishorn Island.

There are three small settlements strung along the eastern end of the loch. It is common to refer to the three collectively as Kishorn.

Sanachan is a little inland at the head of the loch. It contains a small gift shop, seafood bar and an Episcopal chapel. The A896 road passes through Sanachan, and a minor road leads off to the other settlements. Ardarroch is on the lochside, next to small shingly beach. The final settlement, Achintraid, is further down the loch. It consists of a line of whitewashed cottages, originally built to house crofters evicted in the Highland Clearances. Achintraid is noted for spectacular views of the Applecross peninsula, with the Corbetts of Sgurr a' Chaorachain and Beinn Bhàn and the pass of the Bealach na Ba being particularly prominent.

East of Kishorn are two small Marilyns: An Sgurr and Bad a' Chreamha.

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