Llandeilo Bridge

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Llandeilo Bridge

Llandeilo Bridge is a Grade-II* listed road bridge crossing the River Towy in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. It carries the main A483 road towards Ffairfach.[1]

History and description

The single-arch bridge was designed by Llandeilo's[1] William Williams, the county bridge surveyor, and built between 1843 and 1848.[2] It replaced a previous three-arched bridge over the river than had, in turn, replaced the mediæval seven-arch bridge which had collapsed in 1795.[2] The construction logistics defeated Williams' builder, Morgan Morgan, who was sacked after the entire budget of £6000 was spent building the difficult foundations.[2] Williams died before the bridge was completed and, in 1846, Edward Haycock took over the project. It eventually cost a massive £23,000.[2]

Causeway approach from the south

The earlier bridge had been criticised as not even wide enough for a horse and cart,[2] therefore the new bridge was wide enough for a double carriageway. A single arch spanned 143 ft across the river,[1] rising 35 ft above it[3] (at the time it was the third longest single arch in Britain). The height of the bridge essentially reduced the gradient of the road towards the town.[2] The bridge, arch soffits, parapets and buttresses are faced with chisel- or hammer-dressed masonry, while the voussoirs of the arch are lengthy and finished with ashlar.[3] Large stone buttresses marked each end of the arch, and similar buttresses continued in either direction from the bridge supporting the long causeways towards Llandeilo and Ffairfach.[1]

The bridge became Grade-II* listed in 1966.[1]


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