Little Bernera

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Little Bernera
Gaelic: Beàrnaraigh Beag

Outer Hebrides

Traigh an Teampaill with ruined church

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Location: 58°16’12"N, 6°52’12"W
Grid reference: NB142410
Area: 341 acres
Highest point: Tordal, 135 feet
Population: 0

Little Bernera is a small island of Ross-shire lying by Great Bernera off the west coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

Little Bernera lies between the sea lochs of West and East Loch Roag, immediately to the north of Great Bernera. The island rises to a height of 137 feet and has an area of 341 acres.

A few centuries ago, the island was the place where people of Carloway were buried, before a cemetery was built in that village. Today, gravestones can still be seen on the island, but are beginning to disappear into the ground.

At Traigh an Teampaill, there is a ruined chapel and small graveyard.

The island shares a name with its greater neighbour, Great Bernera, which is form the Norse language: Bernera is from bjarnar-øy, meaning Bjørn's island.