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County Waterford
Knockmealdown east face and summit
Range: Knockmealdown Mountains
Summit: 2,605 feet S058084
52°13’40"N, 7°55’3"W

Knockmealdown is the highest peak of the Knockmealdown Mountains. It stands on the border between the counties of Tipperary and Waterford, with its summit peaking at 2,605 feet, which is the highest point in County Waterford.

The county border between Tipperary and Waterford here amongst the mountains generally follows the summit line so that the main peaks stand in both counties. Of the more prominent peaks to the east of the 'Vee' road — Sugarloaf, Knockmealdown, Knocknagnauv and Knockmeal sit on the border, Knocknafallia and Knocknanask are in County Waterford and Knockshane, Crohan West and Knocknasculloge are in County Tipperary. The same situation is true for part of the nearby Galty Mountains where the highest peaks are shared between Tipperary and Limerick.

The peak is most easily accessed from the west, from the layby overlooking Bay Lough on the Vee Gap. This also involves climbing Sugarloaf Hill first. It may also be climbed by following the Glannandaree stream from the carpark at the point where the R668 and R669 roads meet.


The name Knockmealdown comes from the Irish language. The original Irish name is lost but is widely believed to have been Cnoc Mhaoldomhnaigh, which means "Muldowneys' Hill".[1]

Another suggestion is that it is derived from Cnoc Maol Donn, meaning "bald brown hill".[2] However, in 1654 the name was recorded as Knockmealdowny, indicating there was an extra syllable at the end.[1][2]